HJ Excerpt: Bag Theory, by Krystal DiFronzo

Krystal DiFronzo did sort of amazing thing with this piece: assigned a piece of theory by Charlotte Perkins Gilman to translate into a four-page comic, she combined it with a piece by Ursula K Le Guin, took out all the words, and did some two color amazingness that still gets across the intentions of the originals, just with more boobs. It’s a two-color centerfold in Hand Job, which means you can own it for yourself for $15 by going right here.

HJ Excerpt: Nicole Boyett’s Untitled Crotch Shot

Nicole Boyett, the Senior Prefect of Cats at the Adventure School for Ladies, drew this amazing gag panel for Hand Job based on an interview with Quimby’s Liz Mason done by one of the Ladydrawers in the spring.

We’ve started to mail out all the Hand Jobs, by the way, so if you pre-ordered one it should be arriving shortly. We know people are getting them, cause they’re psyched to be listed on the thank-you page! Even though they surely realize that pre-ordering the book gave us the funds to make it!

Now that we’ve started to fulfill orders, however, it’s pretty clear that we’re going to run out of books pretty soon. We’re about down to our last 50, and we haven’t even brought any to Quimby’s yet. For shame!

HJ Excerpt: The Adoption of Standard Time, by Liz Rush

One of my favorite essays of all time, Ian Bartky’s The Adaptation of Standard Time, is a sharp and condensed history of the different ways time used to operate, the standard way we believe it operates now, and how that came to feel natural, permanent and unavoidable. It’s a short essay already, and deeply complex, but by adding her own narrative (a failed breakfast order) and conveying much of the story through image, Liz Rush managed to get across all the nuance of the original in her own voice. It’s really smart, and you can read it in its entirety in Hand Job: A Labor of Love.

HJ Excerpt: Julia Gootzeit’s Small Press Expo!!

From my Lynda Barry interview, part of which appeared on the Rumpus earlier this spring. Julia did a lot of really amazing work for Hand Job: A Labor of Love, and we ended up including both an autobio piece she did and a short theory piece on Emma Goldman. But this little panel—and another one she did, also from the Lynda Barry interview, that you can see in the book—were Adventure Scholar favorites.